Dragon Age: Asunder Writing Contest

So, a while back BioWare held a writing contest following the release of David Gaider’s Dragon Age: Asunder. It was intended, in part, to balance out the lack of contests appealing to writers as opposed to, say, artists.

The guidelines were pretty straight-forward (A short story, previously unpublished, 2,500 word limit, set in Dragon Age canon) but the contest deadline was, er… a little grey. For instance, they never cited the time zone but most of us assumed it was Edmonton’s own MST. Regardless, I made it in under the wire (or what I thought was the wire at the time, funny how things can be so relative). The sad thing was, I had several weeks to work on it. But things kept coming up and I kept pushing back my attempts. In the end, it was a terrible rush to tie together the loose ends of the story, then a brutal massacre to chop it down to word limit. The majority of the story – the rough draft having been over 4,500 words – was written in under 10 hours.

But I don’t doubt for a moment that it was a very healthy experience for me, despite the fact that I didn’t place in the top 20.

BioWare forum member Shadow of Light Dragon created a tight, clean list of entries here with links to where they have been posted for those wishing to read them. Mind you, at the time of this writing there are less than 100 of the 400 some entries accounted for, but the list continues to be updated as authors step forth and add their links. AND since a majority of the stories are being uploaded to FanFiction.net, Sandtigress also created a FF.net community to list them together there, as well. Whew.

Oh. Should anyone care to read it, my entry can be found here. It’s called Lackluster, or whatever. And yes, the viewpoint character’s name is pronounced like my home town.