A Lackluster Sequel? Preposterous

I’ve been kicking around ideas for continuing the story in my Lackluster writing contest entry (End Tree?) Because it was originally trimmed down from a more detailed (De-taled?) story I could certainly expand it or clean up a version of the original prior to contest-imposed word limits and post that up.

But the more I think about it, an imposed limit is just the sort of thing I need to continue experimenting with right now. (Write meow?)

Anyway, the point is that I’ve decided to dabble with not so much a sequel to the story in the traditional sense of carrying it on further, but rather a parallel parable. Another character in the story will be selected as the viewpoint for a story of their own, which of course will happen during the same time span (and thus overlap) the original Lackluster.

Does that make sense? (Cents?) Does my Ravel-rambling bother you? Sorry, I’m feeling a little tormented right now.