The Kickstarter Craze

Well, we’ve certainly seen a lot of fuss about Kickstarter. And I’ve been keeping up on it myself, and certainly love the idea. It not only opens avenues for creative works outside the traditional publishing model, it also brings like minds together: and joins them at the purse strings.

Now, certainly the foundation of the system isn’t that different from traditional ‘angel’ ventures. You find someone with money who is willing to accept some risk to finance your project. The big difference is that because the risk is spread so much thinner it’s aloteasier to get people on board. You don’t have to find one or two people willing to put up a hundred thousand dollars when you can find a few thousand willing to risk $50.

So far I’ve fallen for Double Fine’s classic point-and-click adventure game, FTL: Faster Than Light, and Stoic Studio’s The Banner Saga. The question on most of our minds should be when is the craze going to burn out? Right now, many projects stand on their own but are certainly benefiting from the hype; they aren’t necessarily riding on each other’s coat tails, but it doesn’t hurt to speak up while everyone is watching.

I suppose in time we’ll see how the Kickstarter model holds up. The idea is that once you’ve funded a project, that project is obligated to be finished. Reality tells us that won’t always happen 100% of the time. So eventually, we’ll see the system (and the crowdfunders) adapt accordingly.