A Lackluster Sequel? Indeed!

Well, I mentioned back in late February that I had been entertaining ideas for continuing the story in my Lackluster writing contest entry. I had thought the imposed word limit (2500) was a good exercise in strengthening my (lack of) short story writing skills.

Woe to the world, for I have done just that. I selected a Templar from the story as my new viewpoint character, and starting from roughly the same point in time let his story and that of Mercelles (the original viewpoint from Lackluster) meet near the middle. The interesting development was that it was much easier to write it; once I actually put pen to paper, so to speak. Which took quite a while to happen. The story itself came together in about ten hours over two and a half days. I ended at 2788 words, but trimmed to 2498 with one pass, though FanFiction.net always shows a different word count than Microsoft Word after upload.

It’s probably because I had much tighter reins given that part of the plot had already been laid out. I just expected a little more resistance from my prose because of how ridiculously long-winded I am.

I’ve dubbed this new story Duty-bound and consider it something of Lackluster Part II, but only in the spiritual sense, being that it is really part of the same story.