House Cleaning – Project Wise, I Mean

So, several times now I’ve tried to consider ways in which to put my many (and I mean many!) old projects to rest. If it wasn’t bad enough to be a writer, and thus have numerous unfinished manuscripts and portions of prose tucked away in my file cabinet, the game designer in me has nearly as many folders of goodies tucked on my hard drive. Er, and in my file cabinet. And my desk drawers, and back at my mother’s house, and… well, you get the picture.

Since I’m very much a hoarder when it comes to my ideas and word-babies, I can’t simply give them the axe or the paper shredder. So there they sit.

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A New Kid on the (Crowdfunding) Block

In the midst of my Gamasutra articles this afternoon, I came across a post concerning a new crowdfunding option specifically targeting video games. The new site, called Gambitious, seeks to offer a crowdfunding service tailored directly to video game developers.

Now, Kickstarter has been doing a pretty darn good job so far, at least in my opinion. It certainly was not designed from the ground up for game projects. But then, at first there really weren’t any such projects being pitched on there either. They started few and far between, certainly, and seem to have taken off only when the media took the phenomenon by storm.

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The Every-Changing Anatomy of Creativity

It dawned on me as I sat down to try writing some more on my novel, just how much the place I began and the place I’ve arrived have differed. It’s certainly been a long journey for only 209 pages thus far. Longer than I care to think about to be honest.

From its original inception in junior high until approximately four or five years later, the story was set in a Dungeons and Dragons game world. My original aspirations were to polish the piece and submit it for the shared-world novel series published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. But something happened that changed my plans considerably.

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