House Cleaning – Project Wise, I Mean

So, several times now I’ve tried to consider ways in which to put my many (and I mean many!) old projects to rest. If it wasn’t bad enough to be a writer, and thus have numerous unfinished manuscripts and portions of prose tucked away in my file cabinet, the game designer in me has nearly as many folders of goodies tucked on my hard drive. Er, and in my file cabinet. And my desk drawers, and back at my mother’s house, and… well, you get the picture.

Since I’m very much a hoarder when it comes to my ideas and word-babies, I can’t simply give them the axe or the paper shredder. So there they sit.

Then for the second time in two years, my wife and I were discussing my obvious trail of unfinished business and my habit of jumping from project to project. She said to me, “Maybe if you finished some of your old projects you’d feel better about the progress you’ve made.” Yeah, maybe. So I started looking through some of them again (always dangerous). And I thought to myself, Maybe this isn’t such a bad idea after? Maybe I could finish this or that…

Then we come to that magic but: (that doesn’t sound right, does it?) Neverwinter Nights was the platform of many of my early design projects. The original NWN has slowly begun to die in popularity, and the main hosting/matchmaking site – Neverwinter Connections – has been down for a while for supposed rework.

My favorite projects were things I created for multiplayer. A couple Ravenloft pen and paper conversions were among my favorites. I had always intended to build a single, big module full of Ravenloft One-Shots and short multi-session adventures. Maybe I should just release what I have so far to NWVault for others to download if they so choose? Eh… it couldn’t hurt. But it will still take some polishing to be sure, as well as some Dungeon Master-friendly documentation.

If I can still even remember how I used to run things myself!

There. It’s out there. Now I hafta. 😉