Kickstarter in Review: Detective Grimoire

Detective Grimoire by SFB

Goal: $25,000

Campaign End: Aug 2, 6:28 pm (EDT)

Currently at: 977 backers/$14,116

Website: (where you can play a demo!)

Overview: A fully-voiced 2D puzzle/adventure game – Investigate the crime scene, interrogate suspects, collect clues and solve puzzles, all to uncover the secret of the swamp! I have to admit this game looks to have a lot of potential to be quite fun and entertaining. For those interested in learning more about it beyond what the Kickstarter page and imbedded video offers, try playing the demo.

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Kickstarter in Review: ‘Wisp’

So, I’ve talked a lot about Kickstarter on here. Yes, if it isn’t obvious, I’ve got something of a Kickstarter Fever myself. Before I can put my project into the lime light, however, I’ve got more polish and planning to do. To make sure I’ve approached it, given it justice, and prepared for the barrage (hopefully) of questions and criticisms.

So, in the spirit of such preparation I’ve started to look at other hopefuls on Kickstarter. I’m going to do a little review on what other people are trying and asking for. With any luck, I’ll learn something and give a good project or two a little extra word of mouth space on Google in the same breath.

Wisp by Terra Snover

Goal: $4,000

Campaign End: Aug 18, 5:30 pm

Currently at: 30 backers/$650


Overview: A 2D Puzzle Platformer – Wisp follows a small ball of energy as it is guided by a mysterious voice to collect wisps of pure potential.

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