Kickstarter in Review: Detective Grimoire

Detective Grimoire by SFB

Goal: $25,000

Campaign End: Aug 2, 6:28 pm (EDT)

Currently at: 977 backers/$14,116

Website: (where you can play a demo!)

Overview: A fully-voiced 2D puzzle/adventure game – Investigate the crime scene, interrogate suspects, collect clues and solve puzzles, all to uncover the secret of the swamp! I have to admit this game looks to have a lot of potential to be quite fun and entertaining. For those interested in learning more about it beyond what the Kickstarter page and imbedded video offers, try playing the demo.

 What’s Done Well

 Very informative and fairly organized page. The goal is reasonable, considering the amount of people doing voice work for the game, which is one of the top reasons listed for the funding. And from what I’ve listened to thus far, the acting is decent enough and then some.

They are taking the ‘pre-order’ approach to this, especially since they say they’re far enough along in the game to be approaching the final crunch and grind and polish. At a $4 price point for the game, you can’t really not do it.

They’ve taken advantage of the multiple platform approach, now, and instead of originally offering two choices (desktop or mobile) now a backer selecting a copy of the game can get it on any of those available platforms – with the addition of Linux on the horizon, provided they can meet their funding.

 And the Rest

Offering a $4 price point for the game may be delicious for the backer, but a little bland for the developer. That is, I’ve noticed a lot of backers hover around the $15 ‘sweet spot,’ something a lot of developers have been able to take advantage of. That’s fine if your game’s pricepoint is in that same butter zone, since the majority of backers will want to purchase your game at the very minimum.

In this case, about 58% of their backers are at the $4 pledge level; the result? That 58% of backers is only providing 16% of the funding, provided they are all pledging directly at that tier and only purchasing one copy of the game. (The developers have made it clear that an additional $4 can be added for more copies if people so desire). So it is possible that more of the campaign’s weight is being carried by that tier than is obvious at first glance, but you can only ‘upsell’ people so much.

I actually have to think a long while on this last point myself – I wasn’t too far off from this price point with my own concept. But until now I hadn’t seen enough projects using a similar approach to find a suitable benchmark.