Kickstarter in Review: Echoes of Aeons

Echoes of Aeons by Alchimia Studios

Goal: $50,000

Campaign End: Aug 17, 12:00 am (midnight)

Currently at: 152 backers/$5,744


Overview: A 2D Action RPG – an ARPG being made by Alchimia Studios and YOU. We are looking to raise the bar for modern 2D RPG’s.

What’s Done Well

An embedded video right at the top, with pretty pictures and alpha footage (very pretty!) which serves to illustrate the gameplay they’re shooting for. They tell you straight away what they are aiming for, and the platforms they want to distribute to. (iOS, Andriod, Mac and PC)

They went with the $10 price point for a digital copy of the game, which is a comfortable level.

They do a great job of keeping the assets pretty and streamlined down the page, showing a good deal of concept art and giving info about how they intend to do things, such as rotoscoping, etc.

Like ‘Wisp’ in my previous post, some of the reward levels relate specifically to the artistic talent of the team, so they’re offering some contract work for those who pledge enough. This kickstarter does offer more in the realm of physical goods, though, such as a custom flash drive – which I have to admit is pretty neat.

And the Rest

They have big aspirations since they’re toting art, music, story AND combat as a top-notch. Large game studios have trouble hitting all their marks in those categories, though admittedly they try it with pushing the modern visual envelop; these folks are just going with 2D with a classical, polished look, so that isn’t to say they can’t come close to their goal. Not too surprisingly, the art is good – given that the co-founders of the project are artists. But they admit they are lacking in other areas, which is what the funding is for.

They don’t get very specific about the use of their money – strange, given they are asking for fifty thousand dollars. Yes, equipment is expensive and they go on to mention various animation tools and cameras. They also drop a small paragraph about the soundtrack in which they mention the use of kickstarter funds to defer some studio costs, so that clarifies it a little.