Road to the Self-Published Author – Part III

Thanksgiving has come and gone here in the U.S., and we now loom on the busiest shopping season of the year. Our original release date for my wife’s book was actually going to be in November, if only because we tend to think of holidays as important times of the year for releasing a new product.

But as we thought more about it, we realized that:

1) People are going to be far too busy with the shopping season, holiday plans, and so on to pay much attention to a new self-published book.


2) 2012 hasn’t been the best year for our family, and while a matter of a few weeks may let us brag about publishing our book a calendar year earlier, my wife and I agreed that 2013 may be a better launch date.

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‘abstramification’ is a Thing!

My wife has launched her blog, but asks us to be patient as she learns the ins and outs of ‘blogging.’ I can’t talk – I hardly know much myself.

Her blog will be a launching point for both her self-published book (releasing on January 3rd, 2013) as well as her personal thoughts and poetry.

Welcome to abstramification
A new vision on life, thoughts, and the pursuit of writing by S.P. Kaye.
via abstramification.

~Meredith Purk

Road to the Self-Published Author – Part II

As I sit here, editing, I hardly realize its 1 a.m. It’s funny, some times, how time slips by you when you have a book. And in some ways I guess its good that not only can reading a book for pleasure produce that effect, but even editing and writing. Probably provided, of course, that you enjoy what you’re doing.

Page 87 of 427 (roughly) so far, only twenty percent. Not quite where I had hoped to be at this point, so I’m going to have to step up my editing. Of course, when I look back to where I’ve been I’ve already put thirteen thousand, six-hundred and forty-nine words behind me. 13,649.

I really do love my wife. Sometimes my eyes just want to sleep.

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Road to the Self-Published Author – Part I

I thought it would be a good idea to start taking down some notes as my wife nears self-publication of her first book. My first shouldn’t be far behind, and I’m learning as much as leading in this endeavor as I help her to reach this very exciting stage.

Obviously, the first part of the process is largely done now: The writing. She has gone through a first draft and a complete rewrite on her story, as well as one editing pass on her behalf. The story weighs in around 73,000 words. Now the ball has been placed in my court as I provide my first editing pass.

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