A (Not So) Moment of Serenity

So to quote Shepherd Book: “I’ve been out of the world for a spell…”

I don’t know if I should like to walk it for a while, but I think it would be refreshing, indeed, to get a break. Essentially, life being how it is, I’ve found myself working my twelfth day in a row (50+ hours last week, 40+ hours this week). My day off will come just in time for us to finish cleaning our home for an impending Open House this weekend as we continue to try selling in hopes of finding a new, larger fixer-upper home.

But I digress. In the interim I haven’t been able to find time to spend online, let alone on my own blog. Meanwhile, my creative fetishes have been hounding me to – well, create. So I spent a little time doing just that. And finished a pastel drawing of our youngest dog, Samson.


It’s from a reference photo we took earlier last year. Some of the same photos my wife posted on her blog as well.

In the meanwhile I’m going to continue focusing a mixture of my time between my writing and my art. I plan to illustrate my own book trailer, which means I have to get back into the swing of things as well as settle on a style and media that I can work with.

~ Meredith Purk