I’m Back!

Well, I doubt anyone really noticed one way or the other, but that’s okay. I’ve had a rather long absence from my virtual pages, and while I can’t say for certain if that absence is truly over or not, I can say that I had to take the opportunity to share some things.

The first order of business is that its time for a slight change in gears for a moment. Partially because of working on the editing, formatting, and cover art for my wife’s book, I’ve been blogging primarily about writing and novels and fiction. That’s well and good since I’m working on my own novel as well. However, part of my blog is supposed to be about video and computer games, and I feel its time I did that half a little justice.

So look for a couple posts concerning the video game world, more often than not the independent fronts, to follow.

The second order of business is to share some more Liebster nominees: I’ve only nominated my first batch of three, so I think it’s high time I shared a few more. And in keeping with the topic, I thought it best to draw them from the video game side of WordPress as well. I’ll follow up here in a few with my new batch of Liebster hopefuls in just a few ticks!

~Meredith Purk