Kickstarter has a Green Light

Yes, that’s right, I said ‘Kickstarter.’ Not that I haven’t said it a lot of times before, but this is different. My wife and I have been wracking our brains on ways to promote her book, and locally (in person, with physical books) is what we would like to do.

The downside to that, as Michelle can testify, is that books through print-on-demand are expensive. So we went through our finances and came to the conclusion that we don’t have $900 to spare. I suggested we all stop eating, but I guess we have to feed our teenage kids or something? I don’t know, I think they already eat a couple times a day, which is a little extravagant if you ask me.

Anywhoo, the decision came to put together a Kickstarter campaign. I’ve been itching to dive under the hood for some time now, and we definitely have a need: There are books, promotional items, travel expenses, news paper ads – all sorts of stuff in the wings if we want to launch a book tour. We submitted our project for review on Thursday, and Friday evening we got the green light of approval back from the Kickstarter staff. So that means on Tuesday, April 9th we’re going to launch a 30 day campaign for Through the Eyes of A Stranger – The Book Tour!

It’s a little bit of a downer that this takes place during such a good writing month, but our schedules aligned (somewhat) for the launch and planning phases. We’re going to be busy once we kick off the campaign but regardless of what happens it should be exciting!

~Meredith Purk


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