Let’s Just Get Back up and Dust Ourselves Off, Shall We?

And when I say ‘dust ourselves off’, I mean it in a figurative sense, despite how long its been since I’ve last posted anything on here!

How can I sum up all that has happened in the last two months? Well, after my wife’s Kickstarter Campaign came to a close (very short of the goal, mind you) we discussed other ways to potentially fund a book tour. We’re going to try and find the money on our own, but for now it will be hard to say how long before we can set aside the necessary $700-$900 after meeting other fiscal priorities.

In the meantime, life has been what it always is and shall ever remain: Busy and unpredictable. Nothing can change that, but s’okay. “Forget about it!”

If there is one thing I can blame on my extended absence from the blogosphere (am I using that silly term correctly?) its progress. Admittedly, I had put my own writing project on the back burner a number of times since my wife had reached a final draft far ahead of me. So we went through all the self-publishing hoops, learned a lot, and then tried to assemble a Kickstarter. All the while, I wasn’t getting any progress on my own book.

That’s changed in recent weeks, thank goodness, and I have set a soft release sometime in Fall of 2013. Currently I’m reaching my goal for this draft; from there, I hope to see some good results from my beta readers. (Or as I like to call them, familial word-slaves)

That’s all I have for now. I’m going to balance my time on here because, well, there is never enough of it, am I right?

EDIT: I never ceases to amaze me. I always proof my posts twice and yet I nearly always need to immediately edit something the second I get it posted. This time, I closed with the line, “Thanks all I have for now.” Really? Really..?

~Meredith Purk