Noble Beginnings: Beta Draft

So on Wednesday evening of this week I got my first complete rough draft tossed together and off to my first round of readers. I thought it would calm my nerves, and as it turns out, I was right. To some extent.

I promised myself I wouldn’t look at my draft until I got something back from my readers, so I was on my way to work the next day, listening to Tank! And The Real Folk Blues in my car, when I started realizing how many big mistakes I left in my draft. It’s funny…I know it was rough, and I warned them it would be so. And I didn’t even need to read through it to start remembering what it looked like.

I don’t fear the criticism at the moment; it’s just the feeling of everyone pointing out the same errors when they finish reading that I’m not looking forward to. I attribute it to the same feeling I have when I proofread my blog posts 2-3 times, then post it, and immediately notice a spelling error or mangled link.

Yes, its a Dead Link.

Has anyone else felt like this before? Er, regarding my draft going off to the beta readers. Not like poor Link, here.

~Meredith Purk


A Game of Thrones? Or a Game of… ahem.

First: These post will deal with something of a mature topic – namely, nudity on film. For those not familiar with the show or still catching up on its progress, this post will be spoiler free so far as plot is concerned. It merely touches on the sort of physical content in the show. My wife and I were recently loaned the first season of HBO’s A Game of Thrones.

Evidently, at her work, they were awed when she admitted she didn’t know anything about the show. Mind you, I wasn’t any more familiar with it. I knew of it. And I knew it was based off A Song of Ice and Fire. But I had never read any of the books or otherwise been familiar with George R.R. Martin’s work. My wife and I set a date night to begin watching the first season and find out what everyone was always prattling on about. Prior to then, I asked one of my coworkers about the show. He said he hadn’t watched it much, but that his fiancee was into it and she thought it was very good. When the time came, I was taken by surprise by the sheer volume of nudity. Continue Reading

Winding Down – or, Perhaps, Back Up

So it’s been a good, long while since I’ve been posting anything on here. That isn’t because there hasn’t been anything to write about – quite the opposite, in fact. Rather, it’s been important that I focus my energies on my book.

My wife’s second book is in the first pass of editing, while I am finishing a draft of mine to pass off to some beta readers. While they are in possession of that draft, I will be then working on the edits with my wife for her novel… and it will then be a game of back and forth between the two. Revisions, layouts, cover art, book trailers and so on.

After I’ve heard back from some of my readers I will probably post a little more about my book since I’ve been rather mute on the subject. I also have some other catching up to do on here, so look out for that.

For now, we’re going to resume some radio silence here on Radio Free Mars… be sure to enjoy some soothing beats by The Seatbelts.


~Meredith Purk

(note: these particular beats aren’t so much soothing as they are invigorating)