Noble Beginnings: Beta Draft

So on Wednesday evening of this week I got my first complete rough draft tossed together and off to my first round of readers. I thought it would calm my nerves, and as it turns out, I was right. To some extent.

I promised myself I wouldn’t look at my draft until I got something back from my readers, so I was on my way to work the next day, listening to Tank! And The Real Folk Blues in my car, when I started realizing how many big mistakes I left in my draft. It’s funny…I know it was rough, and I warned them it would be so. And I didn’t even need to read through it to start remembering what it looked like.

I don’t fear the criticism at the moment; it’s just the feeling of everyone pointing out the same errors when they finish reading that I’m not looking forward to. I attribute it to the same feeling I have when I proofread my blog posts 2-3 times, then post it, and immediately notice a spelling error or mangled link.

Yes, its a Dead Link.

Has anyone else felt like this before? Er, regarding my draft going off to the beta readers. Not like poor Link, here.

~Meredith Purk