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Within the next twenty-four hours, my beta readers are (supposedly) going to try to have finished reading the first draft of my book, Noble Beginnings. It’s bound to be awful, so I’ll probably give them forty-eight hours, and then have a next of kin check in on them.

While I wait for word back, I thought this would be a good time to finally write up and post that first book review I’ve been trying to find time to finish with. So, without further ado (Adieu? A dew), you can find the link to my new Book Review section of the site below, and the first review posted: Imminent Danger: And How To Fly Straight Into It.

My new book reviews page is also available from the header menu above, under writing.

~Meredith Purk


3 thoughts on “Readers and Reviews

  1. Do the beta readers only have 24 hours to read the book? Man, you have awesome beta readers. Mine take months. Upon months. Upon months. May I borrow yours? Hehehe.

    Also, review! I can’t remember if you told me you were reviewing my book or not, but either way, awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time to do that. Just reading it now … well, I’m definitely glad you enjoyed it! Considering my goal is to entertain, it’s always nice when I’m successful 😀 And thanks for including the “Cons” section — definitely some things to think about for the next book. If you haven’t already posted the review on Amazon, might I persuade you to do so? 🙂

  2. No, they had thirty days to get as much in as possible. Some are faster readers than others, but I’m sure real life got the best of them.

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