Human Freedom

I tend to shy away from political, religious, or other high-debate topics. Not because I don’t want moving, worthwhile discussion. But rather because I work in the retail industry, and its become natural to ‘feign’ neutrality when it comes to speaking with the public about certain subjects.

But I like to think I know the different between right and wrong and I have to help this message along.

With the 2014 Winter Olypics being held in Sochi, Russia, is currently hosting a petition to get Coca-Cola execs to speak out against the anti-LGBT laws in Russia. Below is their message, take it to heart and do what you will with it.

~Meredith Purk


Coca-Cola executives are just days away from deciding whether or not to speak out against Russia’s brutal new anti-gay laws. So far, Coke has remained silent on Russia’s horrific LGBT crackdown — but if we can show Coke how many people want Coke to speak out against this law, we can set off an earthshaking domino effect that pushes other international sponsors to follow and causes Russia a multi-billion-dollar headache.

Please join me in calling on Coca-Cola to condemn Russia’s brutal anti-gay crackdown.

Thank you”