Through the Eyes of A Stranger – Pieces Book Release

So for the past twenty-four hours I’ve been working on finalizing everything for the release of my wife’s second book. (Well, I did sleep, so it hasn’t been a solid 24).

While there have been a few snags, everything is starting to take shape, though admittedly later than I’d have cared for. The Kindle version was listed as in review when I went to bed last night, yet when I awoke this morning it was back to draft status. Either something went wrong, or my addled mind imagined publishing it? Who can say. Hopefully, that is being corrected now.

And Smashwords, as elusive as the chemistry for a proper eManuscript is, is now pending review as well. I think I could write a book on getting bookmarks working in Smashwords, but someone else already has.

There still remains the Kobo eBook version, but Lulu is just about wrapped up as well (though distribution to the iBook store, etc. will take a little longer).

All in all, a great day! (Oh, and something called a PS4 came out, too? *shrugs*)

~Meredith Purk


4 days and…

Well, I think that just about says it all. I’m working on the final piece of interior art, then its a final layout pass for the eBook manuscript. A last-minute check list will be the only thing standing between us and the release of my wife’s second self-published book.

…and hopefully some Nyquil.

13 days to go!

Yes, indeed, the time is drawing near. And here I sit, working on said ‘pictures’ and layout. Well, the layout is pretty much locked in. We know where the interior art is going. And I only have two pieces of artwork left to finished, a piece of scenery and a map. Then it will be off to the presses for an author copy!

~Meredith Purk