Candy Jam and Seatbelts


…working on the ‘vertical slice’ stage of my CandyJam game

entry, King’s Brigade: Saga of the Candy Crushers.

And, of course, listening to the Real Folk Blues. Yeah.


The Candy Jam

Oh my, how long has it been? We’ve been swamped with work, financial issues and assorted gobble-d-gook. But my last week has been spent working on a small game for the Candy Jam.

I won’t go into all the silly legal details, but the makers of Candy Crush Saga have embroiled themselves into some goofy politics relating the trademarking of words. The Candy Jam website and various sources you can easily find through a Google search have the gist.

My game isn’t complete yet – it’s still in Alpha (meaning mostly playable/proof of concept) and its downloadable here on my site.

~Meredith Purk