NaNo Update – Day 12

Ah, ’tis the season of a thousand blog posts with some mixture of NaNo, NaNoWriMo, or NoWriMo in the title. So I figure, why not me? (National Novel Writing Month, by the way.)

Why Not Zoidberg?

I’m working on a novel project myself this month, with the impending deadlines of November 30th and 50,000 words looming on the horizon. Hence, I’m going to keep this brief, yes?

I was off to a very slow start, with only a few hundred words to my name for the first few days. When I finally bothered to even check in a word count on Day 4, it was just over a thousand. Now it’s picked up a little bit – and, admittedly, I don’t know how much it’s picked up because I have a lot of handwritten progress that I haven’t got an accurate count on (Don’t always have a computer with me, you know?). I’ve been splitting my time this week between trying to write on the novel, and trying to transcribe handwritten prose into my word processor so I can get a tally on the word counts. So… now my word counts look all sorts of weird: 400 words one day, over 2,000 the next…

…but will I finish on time? NaNo projects I will need to write 2,357 words/day to finish on time, but I still have about ten pages of written manuscript and garbled short hand to retype. So making the goal is not inconceivable.

Well, that’s it. Just a quick update on the writing front before I go back into the trenches.

Oh. And Michelle Proulx launched her IndieGoGo campaign to pay back for the new cover art for her book re-launch. So. Yeah, that’s a thing.

~ Meredith Purk