New Year Updates

So, new year brings new news, yes? Well, sometimes. Actually, I just thought I should get on that totally hip ‘New Years Blog Post’ band wagon. Yeah, I could have found some cool stock images of fireworks and giant disco balls descending on polls amidst a flurry of confetti, but all that is so very 2014. Not cool. Not hip.

What is hip, you ask? Why, let me tell you, via this handy-dandy-what’s-hip-countdown list:

10) I updated my book review page with the new (improved) cover art for Imminent Danger. Whoo.
9) I just finished the latest edits/revisions of interior content for my wife’s first two books. And I’m just beginning the formatting and layout for her third book, releasing this year. Double whoo.
8) Giraffes. Giraffes are always hip and never out of season.
7) Top Ten Lists. Everybody uses them. Am I wrong?
6) We’ve also started revising the cover art for the series, so hopefully that settles a few peeves with the original versions and sets the tone for the rest of the series.
5) Cookies are great. Doesn’t matter what kind.
4) Mustaches. They are very much in, beards are starting to phase out. For better or worse, I don’t sport either one.
3) A cookie’s just a cookie, but Fig Newton’s fruit and cake.
2) New Years Resolutions – at least for the next 27 days.
1) Self-published authors. Definitely hip.

~ Meredith Purk