From Latin limbus (“edge, border”)

In Limbo – To be in a state of neglect

Derived from Latin in the ablative form from frequent use in phrases such as in limbo (patrum), etc. Figurative sense of “condition of neglect or oblivion” is from 1640s.

 So, whatever we decide to call it, I’ve been in it. At least to look at this blog. Truth be told, a great many things have happened, but I don’t regret them nor intend to excuse them.

Let’s examine a brief list, shall we?

  • My self-publisher wife is making a career move and opening her own business

Some people fight crime at night, and work at the local newspaper during the day. My wife has always held a day job while doing her writing, but now that she is starting her own business, her crime fighting and self-publishing is taking a backseat. She assures me she will resume her writing when things quiet down again.

  • I’m finishing my degree

Going back to school to finish my bachelors degree, even though it only required 3 more courses and an internship (which was fulfilled by my new IT job) is taking a good deal of my time and energy.

  • Life as we know it happened

Again – not an excuse. Life is what it is, and it has a tendancy to change up our plans. When its detrimental, we accuse life of ‘getting in the way’. When its beneficial, we feel like Ethel Merman. The difference is just in how we view it. Honestly, its one of the universe’s little mysteries.

So how does all this add up? Well, for one, I’m fairly certain at least a couple items on this list are relatively irrational (mathematically speaking) so I’m not confident enough to attempt the arithmetic. But the end result is this:

She’ll keep writing. Which means more books coming out.

I’ll keep writing. Which means (eventually) my own book(s) coming out.

We’ll keep on keeping on.