About jad·ed

In short, it’s about one man’s battle against his own penchant for procrastination and lack of focus.

In long, jad·ed is the blog of Meredith Purk, an amateur writer and game designer. The term ‘jaded’ is used somewhat loosely here to describe the feelings associated with undertaking indie projects, while under the constant barrage of personal barriers and the busyness of real life.

About Meredith

Meredith is an aspiring writer who loves storytelling in both interactive and non-interactive formats. That is, he enjoys games as much as books as a platform for story. (Yes, ‘he’ – Meredith is a man’s name. Look it up sometime.)

He drives a Lamborghini Toyota and vacations in Europe works in retail management.

When he isn’t beating his head against the keyboard he enjoys dabbling in art, spending time with his wife and step-kids, and playing games. (Though he doesn’t spend nearly as much time playing games as he probably ought to. Hey, writers should read, artists should admire, and game designers should… er, game.)