Liebster Award


So, until today I’ve never heard of the Liebster Award. But Andi O’Connor graciously nominated me, so I was persuaded to do a little blogging researching.

Being new to the blogsphere, I’ve discovered that the Liebster Award is intended to be given to up and coming blogs (particularly those with less than 200 followers) with the intention of bringing attention to them. It functions something like a chain letter – though I hope there is no run of bad luck associated with it should I fail to follow this to the tee.

It comes with the following rules:

It’s good form to insert a copy of the picture onto your blog somewhere, often on a dedicated page (I’ve done so as you can see. Also, I selected a nice masculine version since Andi’s was too pink for my taste). And, of course, to notify your nominees and post the appropriate links to the originating blog as well as those new award-receivers.

Well, I think I can do that! First up on my list – eleven random factoids about yours truly. Mmmm…

(Cue Jay Leno voice – because its a parody of David Letterman, and who likes him anyway?)

#11 – I probably watched more cartoons in my twenties than most people have in their entire childhood.
#10 – My friends and family often chide me for telling the same stories over and over again
#9 – My long-term memory is a steel trap.
#8 – My short-term memory is a deteriorating sponge. (True story)
#7 – I do a pretty handy impression of a number of cartoon and video game characters: Shaggy, Scooby (only his laugh, really), Professor Farnsworth, Jon Irenicus, Xzar, and Mr. Burns are among my best. (The fact that Frank Welker performs two of those voices probably has something to do with it)
#6 – I didn’t adopt a love of reading until my best friend introduced me to the Lord of the Rings during the Accelerated Reader program in school. Subsequently, I was reading at a 12th grade level by 6th grade, and have loved the Fantasy genre ever since. (And also got plenty of free Pizza Hut!)
#5 – My favorite character from the LotR is Aragorn. My friend’s is Samwise.
#4 – I once drank a concoction of milk, chocolate syrup, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, ice cream, and chopped ice cubes processed in a blender. The rest of the night was a blur, but I’m told I leapt from the coffee table.
#3 – In high school Spanish, we had to memorize and recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish. Fifteen years later, I still remember it, for all the good it will ever do me.
#2 – I hope to some day learn Japanese, Spanish, German and ASL.
#1 – I have no talent what so ever. (True story)

Now, onto my answers to Andi’s questions.

1) What food could you not live without?
Green Bean Casserole. ‘Nuff said.
2) What is your favorite book?
It would probably have to be What Was That! Not only did my mother read it to me, but I read it myself many times over. Plus I also had it on video cassette. How cool is that?!

3) E-book or printed book?
Printed; Hands down, incontestably. Some may argue it’s because I was raised on printed books, but I think it’s still got something to do with human nature. We like to feel things, to prove to ourselves they are real. It’s one thing to look at pictures of the Eight Wonders of the World; it’s another to be physically present. Same goes for the written word.
4) If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be?
Will probably never happen. If I did, it would have to be something related to my wife or family.
5) What is one thing you wish you could do?
Meet J.R.R. Tolkien. He is undoubtedly a father of the Fantasy genre. Sadly, I’ll never have that chance. If I had to choose something still attainable, I would say: Visit London, England.
6) If you could read only one more book before you die, which one would it be?
This seems a little morbid, no? I would say: The final book in my wife’s Through the Eyes of a Stranger series. That suggests I would get to read all the books in between, I should hope. (Is that cheating?)
7) What is your favorite restaurant?
Bilbo’s Pizza in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Yes, it’s that Bilbo.
8) Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because the grass is always greener on the other side.
9) If you could only take one more vacation, where would it be?
See number 5.
10) PC or Mac?
Pea Sea.
11) If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?
Jarlaxle Baenre from R.A. Salvatore’s books. He is a little cruel and chaotic, but has shown real heart a number of times. He is steadfast, enigmatic, fearless, and has an endless number of tricks and agendas up his sleeves (and under his hat). It’s probably no coincidence that both the protagonist and the villain of my novel’s fictional world draw inspiration from this character.

And now a video of Jay Leno’s Gangnam Style parody. Really, it has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I referenced Jay on this page.

Okay, seriously – now I’m supposed to nominate eleven new blogs for this award. This page will be updated as I do so, since at this moment I’ve only discovered about eleven blogs, and a number of them are too well-established to qualify. 😉

And the Nominees Are: (In chronological order of discovery)

My Questions For the Red Carpet:

  1. Story exists in many mediums. What’s your favorite form? (Movie, book, video game, interactive story, etc.)
  2. What would you say first inspired you to try writing?
  3. Do you listen to music or other aural ambiance while you work? If so, what kind?
  4. (Creepy old man voice) What…is your favorite color?
  5. If you could only visit one more place in the world, where would it be?
  6. eBook or printed book?
  7. In two words or less, how would you describe your sense of humor?
  8. Social media websites: Godsend or Sign of the End Times?
  9. Who is your favorite fictional character?
  10. When is the last time you engaged in a healthy pillow fight?
  11. What family member has inspired you the most in your life?


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