Torque Game Engines – Free and Open Source

So I said I was going to talk about video games. And here we go! One of the engines I’ve followed for some time now has been the Torque Game Engine (TGE) by GarageGames. The TGE has been retired for some time, but other engines in the family have recently gained some major overhauls. Most importantly, the Torque 2D and Torque 3D game engines have both gone open source through the MIT license! To see the GitHub repositories for these engines, check here.

This means the software itself is now free, with users capable of making changes to the source code on its own. If those changes are important and ground breaking, requests can be made for them to be merged back into the original project for others to use. For more information on the MIT license, see here.

Meanwhile, Torque 2D has been rebuilt from the ground up and now features an implementation of Box2D. (Those unfamiliar with the programming and game design world may be more aware of Box2D than they think – this is the underlying physics system that drives games such as Angry Birds.)

(The following video is the Torque 2D physics demo – this is just a collection of little ‘toys’ designed to show case different physics attributes of Box2D, and not an actual game of itself.)

Additionally, a group has launched a Kickstarter campaign to port the Torque 2d engine to Android 2.3 and later – given that the engine already functions on Windows, OS X, and iOS, this is something that has been a long-time coming, and will only expand the places Torque games can be had.

Design on!

~Meredith Purk