Random Anime Thought of the Day: 1-27-13

It occurs to me: The manuscript of my novel contains the phrase ‘foolish little brother.’ Alas, there are no illusory ravens or Kekkei Genkai, ocular or otherwise.

Of course, it also has the words ‘slender man.’

And strawberries are for weaklings. Unless they are chocolate-dipped.

~ Meredith Purk


So… Patty Duke was a science officer?

I was driving home from college last week and a billboard caught my eye. No, not one with the clever quotes attributed to God on them. (And not that one for Deju Vu, either.)

This one was entitled, ‘Boldly Go,‘ and features Patty Duke and George Takei in Star Trek-esque uniforms and a SocialSecurity.gov tagline. Apparently there is even a YouTube video in which they explain the importance of social security to the Baby-Boomer generation..?

Pity they couldn’t have gone with Hayley Mills; then it could have been a sort of Space-Age Parent Trap.

Damn it, Jim, I'm an actor, not a doctor!