The Candy Jam

Oh my, how long has it been? We’ve been swamped with work, financial issues and assorted gobble-d-gook. But my last week has been spent working on a small game for the Candy Jam.

I won’t go into all the silly legal details, but the makers of Candy Crush Saga have embroiled themselves into some goofy politics relating the trademarking of words. The Candy Jam website and various sources you can easily find through a Google search have the gist.

My game isn’t complete yet – it’s still in Alpha (meaning mostly playable/proof of concept) and its downloadable here on my site.

~Meredith Purk


Through the Eyes of A Stranger – Pieces Book Release

So for the past twenty-four hours I’ve been working on finalizing everything for the release of my wife’s second book. (Well, I did sleep, so it hasn’t been a solid 24).

While there have been a few snags, everything is starting to take shape, though admittedly later than I’d have cared for. The Kindle version was listed as in review when I went to bed last night, yet when I awoke this morning it was back to draft status. Either something went wrong, or my addled mind imagined publishing it? Who can say. Hopefully, that is being corrected now.

And Smashwords, as elusive as the chemistry for a proper eManuscript is, is now pending review as well. I think I could write a book on getting bookmarks working in Smashwords, but someone else already has.

There still remains the Kobo eBook version, but Lulu is just about wrapped up as well (though distribution to the iBook store, etc. will take a little longer).

All in all, a great day! (Oh, and something called a PS4 came out, too? *shrugs*)

~Meredith Purk

4 days and…

Well, I think that just about says it all. I’m working on the final piece of interior art, then its a final layout pass for the eBook manuscript. A last-minute check list will be the only thing standing between us and the release of my wife’s second self-published book.

…and hopefully some Nyquil.

13 days to go!

Yes, indeed, the time is drawing near. And here I sit, working on said ‘pictures’ and layout. Well, the layout is pretty much locked in. We know where the interior art is going. And I only have two pieces of artwork left to finished, a piece of scenery and a map. Then it will be off to the presses for an author copy!

~Meredith Purk

Human Freedom

I tend to shy away from political, religious, or other high-debate topics. Not because I don’t want moving, worthwhile discussion. But rather because I work in the retail industry, and its become natural to ‘feign’ neutrality when it comes to speaking with the public about certain subjects.

But I like to think I know the different between right and wrong and I have to help this message along.

With the 2014 Winter Olypics being held in Sochi, Russia, is currently hosting a petition to get Coca-Cola execs to speak out against the anti-LGBT laws in Russia. Below is their message, take it to heart and do what you will with it.

~Meredith Purk


Coca-Cola executives are just days away from deciding whether or not to speak out against Russia’s brutal new anti-gay laws. So far, Coke has remained silent on Russia’s horrific LGBT crackdown — but if we can show Coke how many people want Coke to speak out against this law, we can set off an earthshaking domino effect that pushes other international sponsors to follow and causes Russia a multi-billion-dollar headache.

Please join me in calling on Coca-Cola to condemn Russia’s brutal anti-gay crackdown.

Thank you”

Readers and Reviews

Within the next twenty-four hours, my beta readers are (supposedly) going to try to have finished reading the first draft of my book, Noble Beginnings. It’s bound to be awful, so I’ll probably give them forty-eight hours, and then have a next of kin check in on them.

While I wait for word back, I thought this would be a good time to finally write up and post that first book review I’ve been trying to find time to finish with. So, without further ado (Adieu? A dew), you can find the link to my new Book Review section of the site below, and the first review posted: Imminent Danger: And How To Fly Straight Into It.

My new book reviews page is also available from the header menu above, under writing.

~Meredith Purk

Pieces – Layout

No rest for the weary. Really, though, it’s not all that bad. I mentioned last time how we had finalized the cover art for my wife’s second self-published book, titled Through the Eyes of A Stranger – Pieces.

Map of Relic

A map of the world of Relic, introduced in the first book.

With that behind us, I’ve been working on the layout of the book. This includes all the formatting, fonts, spacing, styles, headers/footers/gutters and table of contents. For a typical written novel, layout isn’t too hard. You certainly don’t have all the considerations for artwork like you would in, say, a children’s book. But we do have a spattering of interior art in each of the books so far: typically about 4-6 images. See More

Noble Beginnings: Beta Draft

So on Wednesday evening of this week I got my first complete rough draft tossed together and off to my first round of readers. I thought it would calm my nerves, and as it turns out, I was right. To some extent.

I promised myself I wouldn’t look at my draft until I got something back from my readers, so I was on my way to work the next day, listening to Tank! And The Real Folk Blues in my car, when I started realizing how many big mistakes I left in my draft. It’s funny…I know it was rough, and I warned them it would be so. And I didn’t even need to read through it to start remembering what it looked like.

I don’t fear the criticism at the moment; it’s just the feeling of everyone pointing out the same errors when they finish reading that I’m not looking forward to. I attribute it to the same feeling I have when I proofread my blog posts 2-3 times, then post it, and immediately notice a spelling error or mangled link.

Yes, its a Dead Link.

Has anyone else felt like this before? Er, regarding my draft going off to the beta readers. Not like poor Link, here.

~Meredith Purk

A Game of Thrones? Or a Game of… ahem.

First: These post will deal with something of a mature topic – namely, nudity on film. For those not familiar with the show or still catching up on its progress, this post will be spoiler free so far as plot is concerned. It merely touches on the sort of physical content in the show. My wife and I were recently loaned the first season of HBO’s A Game of Thrones.

Evidently, at her work, they were awed when she admitted she didn’t know anything about the show. Mind you, I wasn’t any more familiar with it. I knew of it. And I knew it was based off A Song of Ice and Fire. But I had never read any of the books or otherwise been familiar with George R.R. Martin’s work. My wife and I set a date night to begin watching the first season and find out what everyone was always prattling on about. Prior to then, I asked one of my coworkers about the show. He said he hadn’t watched it much, but that his fiancee was into it and she thought it was very good. When the time came, I was taken by surprise by the sheer volume of nudity. Continue Reading